Download Tecno Preloader File [Latest] for all Models

Tecno Preloader File is a small & simple firmware image file that comes with Tecno MTK stock firmware. It helps you to boot the device into BROM USB mode to unlock Pattern, Password, FRP lock, upgrade, update, install firmware, and repair IMEI with SP Flash Tool on any Tecno phone.

Download Tecno Preloader Files

On this page, we provide you links to download Infinix Preloader for all Infinix mobiles. The stock preloader file comes with secure bootloader protection and checks the whole OS & hardware while turning On the phone, Also, it helps you to fix corrupt bootloader, flash updated version Rom.

Tecno Device ModelsDownload Links
Tecno Camon 17P CG7Preloader Link
Tecno Camon 17P CG7NPreloader Link
Tecno Camon 18 CH6Preloader Link
Tecno A6Preloader Link
Tecno A9Preloader Link
Tecno Camon 18P CH7Preloader Link
Tecno Camon 18P CH7NPreloader Link
Tecno Camon 17 Pro CG8Preloader Link
Tecno Camon 19 CI6Preloader Link
Tecno Camon 19 CH6ISPreloader Link
Tecno Camon 19 CI6NPreloader Link
Tecno Camon 19 Neo CH6iPreloader Link
Tecno Camon 20 CK6Preloader Link
Tecno Camon 20 CK6NSPreloader Link
Tecno Camon 20 Premier CK9NPreloader Link
Tecno Camon 18 CH6HPreloader Link
Tecno Camon 18 CH6NPreloader Link
Tecno Camon 20 Pro CK7NPreloader Link
Tecno Camon 20 Pro 5G CK8NPreloader Link
Tecno Camon 20 Pro 5G CK8NBPreloader Link
Tecno Camon 19 Pro CI8NPreloader Link
Tecno Camon iSky 3 KB3Preloader Link
Tecno Droidpad 8DPreloader Link
Tecno DroiPad 7D P701Preloader Link
Tecno Camon 19 Pro 5G CI7NPreloader Link
Tecno Camon 20 Pro CK6NPreloader Link
Tecno Phantom 8 AX8Preloader Link
Tecno Phantom 8S AX8SPreloader Link
Tecno Phantom 9 AB7Preloader Link
Tecno Camon CXPreloader Link
Tecno Camon iAir IN3Preloader Link
Tecno Phantom X AC8Preloader Link
Tecno Phantom X Pro AC8Preloader Link
Tecno Phantom X2 5G AD8Preloader Link
Tecno F3Preloader Link
Tecno Phantom V Fold AD10Preloader Link
Tecno Pop 3 BB2Preloader Link
Tecno Pop 4 BC1SPreloader Link
Tecno Pop 4 BC2Preloader Link
Tecno Pop 4 Pro BC3Preloader Link
Tecno Phantom V Yoga AD11Preloader Link
Tecno Phantom X2 Pro AD9Preloader Link
Tecno Pop 2 Plus BA2Preloader Link
Tecno Pop 5 Pro BD4HPreloader Link
Tecno Pop 6 Go BE6Preloader Link
Tecno Pop 6 Pro BE8Preloader Link
Tecno Pop 5 BD2DPreloader Link
Tecno Pop 5 BD3Preloader Link
Tecno Pop 5 LTE BD4iPreloader Link
Tecno Pop 5 Pro BD4APreloader Link
Tecno Pop 7 Pro BF7Preloader Link
Tecno Pova LD7Preloader Link
Tecno Pova 2 LE7Preloader Link
Tecno Pova 5 LH7NPreloader Link
Tecno Pova 5 Pro LH8NPreloader Link
Tecno Pova Neo LE6Preloader Link
Tecno Pova Neo 3 LH6NPreloader Link
Tecno Pova 3 LF7NPreloader Link
Tecno Pova 4 LG7NPreloader Link
Tecno R8SPreloader Link
Tecno Spark 2 KA7Preloader Link
Tecno Spark 3 KB7JPreloader Link
Tecno Spark 4 Air KC6Preloader Link
Tecno Spark 4 Lite BB4KPreloader Link
Tecno Spark 5 KG5Preloader Link
Tecno Spark 6 Air KF6Preloader Link
Tecno Spark 6 Air KE6JPreloader Link
Tecno Spark 7 KF6Preloader Link
Tecno Spark 7 KF6iPreloader Link
Tecno Spark 7 KF6KSPreloader Link
Tecno Spark 6 Go KE5Preloader Link
Tecno Spark 6 Go KE5JPreloader Link
Tecno Spark 7 KF6MPreloader Link
Tecno Spark 8 KG6Preloader Link
Tecno Spark 8 KG6KPreloader Link
Tecno Spark 8 KG8Preloader Link
Tecno Spark 8 Pro KG8Preloader Link
Tecno Spark 8C KG5JPreloader Link
Tecno Spark 8C KG5QPreloader Link
Tecno Spark 9 Pro KH7NPreloader Link
Tecno Spark 9 Pro KH7SPreloader Link
Tecno Spark 9T KH6Preloader Link
Tecno Spark 10 KI5QPreloader Link
Tecno Spark 8P KG7Preloader Link
Tecno Spark 8P KG7HPreloader Link
Tecno Spark 8T KG6PPreloader Link
Tecno Spark 9 KG5PPreloader Link
Tecno Spark 9 Pro KH7Preloader Link
Tecno Spark 10 KI5QSPreloader Link
Tecno Spark 10 5G KI8Preloader Link
Tecno Spark 10 Pro KI7Preloader Link
Tecno Spark Go 2020 KE5Preloader Link
Tecno Spark Go 2022 KG5HPreloader Link
Tecno Spark Go 2023 BF7NPreloader Link
Tecno WX3 ProPreloader Link

How to Use:

  • Download & extract Tecno preloader file to your computer.
  • Now you have to use a third-party mtk unlock program which supported custom BROM file.
  • Then run the unlock tool.
  • Go to the Custom BROM section & select the preloader file.
  • Now select the option your want to use on the tool.
  • Now power off the Tecno device.
  • Connect it to the PC.
  • Make sure don’t forget to install MTK Preloader driver.
  • Now the tool will detect the phone & Bypass the BROM.
  • Done.

Read Me:

[*] Take Backup: Don’t forget to take backup your old Preloader file before write the new one, Click on Read Preloader & save the backup Tecno preloader on your PC.

[*] Caution: This method is for device owner and only for educational purposes, meaning trying this method on a stolen device is a serious crime, it may lead you to the jail.

Warning: not responsible for any damage on your device please try this at your own risk.

USB Driver: Before using the file with to unlock the FRP lock or Flash the Tecno phone then you have to install proper USB driver on your Windows computer. Head over, to our MTK USB driver page to download the driver.

Alternatives: Also, you can use premium & freebie tools to unlock FRP or Factory Reset from your Tecno phone. Head over to, Griffin-Unlocker, TFT Unlock_Tool, VG Tool, Garuda Java Gen Pro, etc.

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