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If you looking for a flash tool that helps you to flash Qualcomm and Mtk both chipsets in the same tool, then here we share with you a tool to helps to flash both Qualcomm and MTK devices easily, So the tool is AFTool, and we share you the latest version of AFTool 5.1.11, so if you need this tool then check below we share the link to Download AFTool 5.1.11 Full Version Free from below, AFTool 5.1.11 is not a free tool, this tool is made by Vivo its specially made for flashing Vivo Qualcomm and MTK devices easily, but at this time AFTool support all other Qualcomm and MTK devices easily.

Many people are sharing AFTool 5.1.11 crack version, but crack version has lots of trojan virus, that’s harmful for your PC, so that’s why we share with you to Download AFTool 5.1.11 Full Version Free,

Features of AFTool 5.1.11

-Flash all MTK chipsets devices.

-Easily flash all Qualcomm devices.

-Backup all data of your flashing file and devices data easily.

-Data and Recovery Backup fully.

-Support AT Tool.

-Upgrade Incremental.

-Standard Mobile operates query.

-Carrier fequency query,

-All latest Vivo devices flashing.

-Official Vivo USB driver.

-Easy to Use tool.

-All in One Flashing tool nowadays.

-Also, have too many features.

-Once you download this tool from our websites then no need to use AFTool 5.1.11 crack anymore.


How to install AFTool 5.1.11

-First of all, Download AFTool 5.1.11 Full Version Free on your PC.

-Then, extract the AFTool 5.1.11  on your PC.

-Now open the extracted folder, there you will be found AFTool file.

-Then extract the AFTool 5.1.11 on your PC.

-Once done, open the extracted folder.

-Then go down and find the “AFTool.exe”.

-After that, run the “AFtool.exe” from there.

-Wait for few seconds to open the tool.

-Once open the tool, now you need to change the “Language and Country” options. because this tools comes with Chinese language and pre-select with china country.

-Press on your keyboard “CTRL+O” to lunch the options menu of this tool.

-Now select the “3” option from the options menu, then on the right sidebar of this tool you will see a drop down menu,

-Just click on the “Drop Down” menu and choose the first option there.

-Now it will be processing wait few seconds.

-Once processing is done, then you will see “AFTool” language change to English.

Download AFTool 5.1.11 Full Version Free, AFTool 5.1.11 Crack

-Now change the country code of this tool, its  very simple once you change the language of this tool,

-Check above of the phone picture in the “AFTool”,

-Just click on that, and select your country. that’s it, now convert it AFTool 5.1.11 to AFTool 5.1.11 full version free.

-For this, you need to minor crack and confused the AF server.

-Now follow below some steps to activate the AFTool 5.1.11 Full Version Free

Let’s Start to Install AFTool 5.1.11 crack setup

-For this, go back to AFtool extracted folder.

-Then run the “AFTool_BBK5.1.11_Authorization tool.exe”

-Once the crack will open.

-Go back to the Video tutorial folder then open the”License.txt” file.

-Copy the username and paste the username to the “AFTool_BBK5.1.11_Authorization tool.exe”.

-Follow the same process to copy and paste the password on the “AFTool crack”.

-Then your tool will open.

-Just click on the first setup from there,

-After that, your original AFTool 5.1.11 will open.

-Just minimize the “AFTool 5.1.11” tool and go the “AFTool_BBK5.1.11_Authorization tool.exe” version again.

-Then click the “2nd” option and wait for a few seconds.

Download AFTool 5.1.11 Full Version Free,AFTool 5.1.11 Crack

-After that, go to the original version of “AFTool 5.1.11” and click on the “file” tab from the top left corner.

-Now check there you will get an option “verify PC”, just click on the “Verify PC” option,

-Then check all the main features of this tool are now unlocked,

-Now you can use this tool for free.

-Done, now you have successfully “AFTool 5.1.11 crack”.

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Download AFTool 5.1.11 Full Version Free

Filename:- AFTool 5.1.11

File Size-300MB


This setup and files by, for more check –Here

AFTool 5.1.11 Supports

-AFTool 5.1.11 support almost all Windows including Windows 10, Windows 8 and 8.1, Windows 7 and XP.

-This tool supports all Vivo devices easily including V9, Y83, Y85, V7, Vivo Y69, Vivo X20, and all.

Video Tutorial:-

Thanks for visiting us, if you facing any problem with this Download AFTool 5.1.11  Full Version Free and Regarding  installing AFTool 5.1.11 crack, please let us know on the comments sections.

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