How to Make Samsung EDL Cable (using old USB data cable)

If you want to know How to make Samsung EDL Cable using old USB cable then the following guide will be useful for you. The EDL mode cable allows you to boot your Samsung phone to the 9008 modes and helps to factory reset, FRP unlock, or flash firmware on your Samsung Qualcomm-based phones without using test points easily.

What is EDL Mode?

EDL mode (Emergency Download Mode) typically done to establish a connection between a computer & Qualcomm Android phones via the Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader interface. To boot into the EDL mode you need to short motherboard’s test points or use a authorized tool or cable.

Nowadays, Qualcomm Android devices come with a locked USB & bootloader. So, it is impossible to boot the device into Download mode without authorization. So, you have to use the EDL Point or specialized cable in order to boot the device into the EDL (Emergency Download Mode).

How to Make Samsung EDL Cable (using old USB data cable)

Tools Needed:

  • USB cable
    whichever cable applies to your phone
  • Wire cutting, stripping tools
    I personally used: Box cutter blade, Knife,
  • Electrical Tape is optional

How to Make EDL Cable?

  • First, Finding the Middle of the cable
  • Then, Stripped the upper plastic layer of the cable to expose the colored wires.
  • Next, You will have:
  • Red, White, Green, Black wires
How to Make Samsung EDL Cable (using old USB data cable)
  • After that, cut the green & black wire, and strip the tips down a good amount, enough where you can twist it by hand.
  • Then twist the Black and Green wires together & you can wrap them with electrical tape.
  • Done.

Boot into EDL 9008 Mode

  • Once you make the EDL cable then you can use it to put any Samsung Qualcomm-powered phone into the EDL mode without short test points
  • First, Connect your modified EDL cable to your phone & press the Volume Down key 15 times
  • Then disconnect the EDL cable
  • Reconnect the phone & Windows Computer with normal USB cable
  • Open Device Manager & check your device will be connected with EDL mode
  • Now you can use UnlockTool, UMT Qcfire, UMT Samsung or any other tools to unlock FRP or Factory Reset the phone.
  • Done.

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