Download Gtel USB Driver Latest Version for Windows

Gtel USB Driver helps users to communicate between Gtel Android smartphone and Tablets to the computer. If you are searching USB Drivers for your Gtel Android phone, then here you can download and install the latest Gtel USB Drivers on your Windows PC.

Additionally, It also let you Flash Gtel Stock Firmware, Fix stuck at the bootlogo, Upgrade, Update, Unlock, Factory Reset, FRP Unlock, etc on your Gtel phone through USB Preloader driver mode easily.

Download Gtel USB Driver Latest Version for Windows

Download: Download Doogee USB Drivers Latest Version for Windows

Download Gtel USB Drivers Latest Version

Here, you will get full list of links to Download USB Drivers for Gtel mobile phones and it is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 11 version (32 or 64 bit).

Model NameDownload
Gtel A703 VivoDownload Driver
Gtel A703iDownload Driver
Gtel A703 AndyDownload Driver
Gtel A703i Andy ProDownload Driver
Gtel A706 Infinity SDownload Driver
Gtel A706s InfinityDownload Driver
Gtel A704 Inspire XDownload Driver
Gtel A704i Inspire SDownload Driver
Gtel A714 Vivo PlayDownload Driver
Gtel A717 ExplorerDownload Driver
Gtel A717 Explorer MiniDownload Driver
Gtel A717 MiniDownload Driver
Gtel A715 Inspire OneDownload Driver
Gtel A716 Inspire LifeDownload Driver
Gtel A718 Infinity ExtraDownload Driver
Gtel A727 Infinity ProDownload Driver
Gtel A728 XP2Download Driver
Gtel A718 Xplora PlusDownload Driver
Gtel A726 Infinity LiteDownload Driver
Gtel A737 Xplora ZDownload Driver
Gtel A750 MX1Download Driver
Gtel A760 SL 5.5 XtraDownload Driver
Gtel A7101 X3 MiniDownload Driver
Gtel A7150 X4Download Driver
Gtel A770 XL7Download Driver
Gtel A7000 X1Download Driver
Gtel A7100 X3Download Driver
Gtel C2Download Driver
Gtel Infinity AlphaDownload Driver
Gtel Inspire S A704iDownload Driver
Gtel Infinity 7 PlusDownload Driver
Gtel Infinity 7 ProDownload Driver
Gtel MX5Download Driver
Gtel Vivo 4Download Driver
Gtel X5Download Driver
Gtel SL8Download Driver
Gtel Vivo 3Download Driver
Gtel X5 MiniDownload Driver
Gtel X5 PlusDownload Driver
Gtel X6SDownload Driver
Gtel X7Download Driver
Gtel X6 MiniDownload Driver
Gtel X6 PlusDownload Driver
Gtel X6 ProDownload Driver
Gtel X5 ProDownload Driver
Gtel X7 PlusDownload Driver
Gtel X7 ProDownload Driver
Gtel A755 SL 5.1Download Driver
Gtel A755 SL 5.5Download Driver

How to install Gtel Driver on Windows

  • Download & extract Gtel USB Drivers file
  • Then Right Click on Start Menu
  • Select Device Manager
  • Now the Device Manager will open
Add Lagecy Hardware
  • Next, click on Action > Add legacy hardware.
  • After that, a new popup will be opened, click on the “Next” button from there.
Install the hardware that i manually select Download Doogee USB Drivers Latest Version for Windows
  • Then select on the “Install the hardware that I have manually select from a list (Advanced)” and click on Next.
  • Now select “Show All Devices” and then click on Next.
  • After that, Another popup will be opened, click on Browse.
  • Now select the downloaded driver files there.
  • Once selected then click on the “OK” button.
  • Then you will be going back to the Add Hardware popup, and click on the Next button from there.
  • Again click on the Next button and wait for a few seconds.
  • That’s it.

Method 2:

  1. Download the Driver file for your Gtel models
  2. Then connect your device to computer
  3. After that, Right-click on ‘Start Menu’ & Select ‘Device Manager’
  4. Select & Expand Portable devices
  5. Then right-click on Gtel device icon
  6. Select Update Driver
  7. Click on “Browse my Computer for Drivers”
  8. Then click on Browse
  9. Now locate the Gtel USB Driver folder => Choose your Windows Architecture type
  10. Click Next
  11. The installation procedure will be started
  12. Wait for finish
  13. Once finish, Click Close
  14. That’s it.

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I think all of you found the article of use. This is how you can install Gtel USB drivers on your Windows computer. If you are still stuck in some steps or could not understand anything relating to this topic, you can let us know in the comment section below. we will help you asap.

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