2 thoughts on “Unlock Doogee X93 Google FRP Verification Lock (Android 10) Without PC”

  1. How am I supposed to download any of the frp bypass tools on the phone that’s locked if I can’t get into my Google account??? You make it sound so easy but then you leave out the MOST important things. How has anyone been able to bypass google frp with any of your methods? They’re all the same steps except for telling the steps to download the frp bypass tools. Makes no sense whatsoever. So…..can you please share the information on “How to download frp bypass tools on the same phone that is google locked” .
    If you say that there is no way to download it on the frp google locked phone then please tell me how ANY of your “steps” are of any kind of real “help”.
    And as a long time customer of Samsung and Google, I do hope I get a FREE, 100% legitimate response with ACCURATE steps to download the frp bypass tool to my Google locked phone.
    Thank you

    • There are many steps available to access the Browser on FRP Enabled phone, once you accessing it, then type the tiny.cc/frptools on the search bar, this will lead you to the FPR Bypass Apps page, then download the required apps and install it on your FRP phone.

      For More Detailed guidance: type your device model & Android version.


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