ADB Fastboot Commands for Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux [2020]

Fastboot Commands for Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux: If you are an Android user then you might be known about ADB & Fastboot. Once your root your device then you can do many things with your boring phone UI through ADB Fastboot commands. Rooting enlarges the customize and utilize the options.

ADB Fastboot commands gives you the freedom to enjoy your Android phone. For those who have knowledge about rooting they surely cross the paths with the help of ADB fastboot commands. In this article, I provide you all those ADB fastboot commands to reboot the system and enter the bootloader mode.

ADB Fastboot command list help to reboot, reset, unlock, flash, upgrade, update your phone.

Best ADB and Fastboot Command List for Android (Windows/ Mac/ Linux):

You can use these commands to install, uninstall, upgrade, and update a particular app or files remotely. Some best ADB Fastboot commands we provide below.

  • Fastboot flash recovery XYZ.img: This command will help to flash custom recovery in Android phones.
  • Fastboot flash With this command, you can flash any via fastboot mode.
  • ADB device: This command help to check the device properly connected on the computer or not.
  • Fastboot reboot bootloader: With the help of this command you can reboot your device to the bootloader mode remotely.
  • ADB reboot: Reboot your device in normal mode through ADB or bootloader mode. If you flash custom files or apk into your device system then you can use this command to reboot your device.
  • ADB Shell: With the help of the ADB Shell command you can activate or run the ADB command terminal with an Android host.
  • ADB Uninstall: If you think to uninstall any System app from your Android phone then you can do this with ADB Uninstall command. Just type the Application name after the command and it will remove the application in a few seconds.
  • ADB Shell WM density (dpi):  With this command, you can see your device display density (dpi) without having to face any hurdles.
  • Fastboot OEM unlock: This unlock command will help to unlock device Bootloader OEM in Fastboot Mode.
  • ADB Sideload: Use this command if you want to update your device OS or Install any file in your system. Along with custom recovery, you can install or update any particular system apk or install custom ROM and root packages from your PC.
  • ADB Backup: when it comes to taking a backup of your device data and system then this command is very useful. You can take a full backup of your device and save it directly on your computer. If you want to root your phone then the first step is to take a full backup of your phone.
  • Fastboot OEM relock: With this command, you can relock your device bootloader if it already unlocked.
  • ADB Reboot Recovery: With this command, your device will reboot to recovery mode. Make sure you have already enabled USB debugging mode from your device settings.
  • ADB Restore: With this command, you can restore whole your backup data to your Android phone. Paste the backup data to your ADB folder and then type the command with backup file name.
  • Fastboot devices: This command will help you is your device successfully connected or not.
  • ADB Pull: This command only works when you have already installed a custom recovery on your phone. With this command, you can copy & save your files from your device to your computer.
  • ADB push: This command also working when you have already installed a custom recovery on your phone. You can send any apk or custom zip file from your computer to the phone. Make sure you have to copy the file to your ADB folder first.

All Fastboot commands list

Fastboot DevicesCheck your device properly connected or not
Fastboot rebootReboot your device back to normal mode
Fastboot reboot recoveryReboot your device in to the recovery mode
Fastboot OEM relockHelp to relock the bootloader version of your phone
Fastboot OEM unlockHelp to unlock bootloader version of your phone
Fastboot OEM device-infocheck the bootloader lock-unlock status
Fastboot flash recoveryTo flash custom recovery file in fastboot mode
Fastboot bootHelp to boot directly into recovery mode without installing it
Fastboot flash fileTo flash any flashable zip file through fastboot mode
Fastboot getver cidDisplay CID version of your phone

ADB commands List

ADB DevicesList of attached connected ADB devices
ADB rebootReboot your device
ADB reboot-bootloaderReboot your device in to the bootloader/ADB/Fastboot mode
Adb get-serial noShow serial number of the connected ADB devices
ADB installTo install any APK file on your phone
ADB install-rTo update the installed APK file
ADB uninstall package_name.hereUninstall an application using ADB (but keep cache & data)
ADB push (source) (destination)Copy any file or folder from your computer to phone
ADB pullCopy any file or folder from your phone to computer
ADB shellTo activate the terminal with Android Host
ADB reboot recoveryHelp to reboot your device to the recovery mode
ADB backupTake a backup of your phone and save it to your computer
ADB restoreRestore the backup data from your computer to phone
ADB sideloadinstall a flashable or custom ROM file on your phone
ADB logcatShow the logs of your phone
ADB start-serverStart a ADB enable servers
ADB kill-serverStop or disable ADB servers process
ADB reboot fastbootReboot your device into the Fastboot mode


To use these ADB & Fastboot Commands you have to enable USB Debugging mode and OEM Unlock option from device settings developer option. Then open the Command Prompt on your Windows or terminal on Linux and Mac. Now follow the below steps to use these commands.

  • Download & extract ADB & Fastboot SDK on your computer.
  • Now connect your device using a USB cable.
  • In case, if you are usinf linus or mac then type the below commands: cd[path to platform-tools], eg:- cd/home/xbxntx/Downloads/platform-tools.
open ADB Fastboot Commands tools
  • On Windows pc: open the extracted folder and press: Shift+ Right-Click and choose the command prompt.
  • Now you can easily perform any of these above commands with your phone.
open ADB Fastboot tool to run commands

Note: For Windows, enter the fastboot (command line) or ADB (command line). MAC or Linux enter ./adb and ./fastboot.

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Final Thoughts

Here i share complete information about ADB Fastboot Commands, i hope it is useful for you. If you still stuck or could not understand anything relating to this topic, you can let me know in the comment section below. Thanks For Visiting…

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